Oct 15 / 1 min read / By admin

Another Post

I really love being able to set custom image sizes in WordPress. The power and flexibility this system opens up for building beautiful, easy-to-administer, performant websites is hard to overstate.

The newly launched WPShout theme, for example, has two featured image sizes: the large one (here at the top of this post), and a smaller one halfway down the homepage. We also use custom image sizes to make sure that the images in our post bodies aren’t unnecessarily large for the space they’re occupying.

That’s a lot of image-sizing complexity, and WordPress just handles it all for us, straight out of the box. Imagine if we were doing all the resizing and optimizing ourselves, in something like Photoshop—it would just about eat our business. Images would be an unattainable luxury.

With that pep talk, let’s see how you can use WordPress custom image sizes as well!

One more thing before we get started. If you’re looking to learn WordPress development, we’ve written the best guide to it out there: