Filming in New Zealand

In New Zealand is everything is close. The country offers a diversity of film locations, distinct in character and within only ‘hours’ travel time between.

New Zealand’s 29 regions are within 1,600 kilometres across two main islands.

Active volcanoes, island sanctuaries and history top the list when filming in New Zealand’s North Island. The South Island hosts the purest natural landscapes you will every experience.

New Zealand’s 14 national parks showcase more than 30,000 square kilometres of diverse national scenery ready to explore and film by foot, boat, car or air.

Come and play in our backyard, we would love to meet you!

Services We Offer

Transport & Accommodation

In NZ everything is close. The country offers diverse film locations within only 'hours' travel time in between. Screentime can arrange all your domestic flights, rental cars and drivers. We can also facilitate all your accommodation needs, including 5 star luxury lodge accommodation for celebrities and VIPs. New Zealand has it all.

Fixing & Location Scouting

Screentime recommends productions send a scout team to look at locations and activities before the full crew arrive for filming. We have experienced Location Managers and Fixers who will work with your teams to ensure you get the best pictures and scenes and most importantly you make your filming days.

Work Visa Assistance

Immigration New Zealand requires International Film and Television Production Crew and Cast to have a Work Visa even if you are here for just a couple of days. It is also a requirement that you must work with a New Zealand company. Screentime can assist with all these requirements and help your cast and crew obtain the mandatory Work Visa.

International Production Services

Screentime is one of the few large television production companies in New Zealand providing international production facilitation services. We can provide any additional crew you require in New Zealand plus all the back office services needed to make filming in New Zealand easy, efficient and most importantly delivered on time and on budget.

Benefits of Filming in New Zealand

No Compulsory Union Fringe Obligations

New Zealand has a significant advantage over other territories because our production crew members are generally self employed contractors. This means there are no compulsory union fringe obligations or personal benefits such as holiday and health pay, government levies or union dues.

Health & Safety Always Comes First

New Zealand's vision is our vision - every person who goes to work comes home safe and healthy. Under New Zealand's Health and Safety regulations we must ensure every person on a film set is kept safe. Screentime works with some of the best Health and Safety Officers and medics in the film business to eliminate the risks on set.

Film Incentives in New Zealand

The NZ Screen Production Grant (SPIG) offers grant-based incentives on qualifying productions across a wide range of formats. The baseline cash grant of 20% is paid on Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure. Get in touch with us to find out whether your production meets the threshold.

International Co-Productions & Partnerships

New Zealand is known for delivering some of the largest and most complex international productions imaginable.

There are major commercial advantages when filming in New Zealand and Screentime can work with you to access the Screen Production Grant and meet incentive points.

Screentime works with experienced and flexible crew and has access to quality equipment and facilities.

If you are considering working with a New Zealand production company get in touch today.

Weather in New Zealand

Seasons are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, so if you want snow in July or golden fields in February, New Zealand is the the perfect destination.

Summer runs from December to February, autumn (fall) from March to May, winter from June to August and Spring from September to November.

While the far north of the country has subtropical weather during the summer, and inland alpine areas of the South Island can be as cold as 1°C (33.8°) in winter, most of New Zealand lies close to the coast, which means mild temperates all year round.

There is very little air pollution in New Zealand, nor do we have any dangerous wild animals or insects.

Known for it’s International Productions

Many of our clients are international television production companies or producers. We provide comprehensive production and location support. We have provided services and support for productions with budgets of a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

We find the best solutions for every budget and adapt to our international clients needs, while aiming to make your shoot in New Zealand a productive, happy and memorable one.

Free Shooting in New Zealand Guide

New Zealand’s film and television industry is booming. We are home to some of the most talented and experienced screen professionals anywhere in the world. Our favourable dollar, temperate climate and reputation for delivery and problem-solving, our “can do” attitude have made New Zealand a shooting destination that is second to none.

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